1. kropotkitten:

    Heart goes out to the dead, injured, and others in Boston

    but also my heart goes out to all the Muslims in the area who will wrongly be rounded up and detained tonight and to their families, and to the ones who will have to face mob violence and a spike of hatred that this event will trigger in the ignorant.


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  2. pastlites:

    I can only connect
    with older men and
    beaten women
    because one soul
    can recognize
    another battered one

    and I realize that’s
    why I will always be
    Ponyboy and Charlie
    but I am not infinte
    I will not stay gold
    (I’ve always been silver)
    because the rest of
    the gang knows to
    stay away…

  3. lensblr-network:

    A local poppy field, taken last year.

  8. lensblr-network:

    More sakura at Waterfront Park
    Portland, OR
    March 2013

  9. lizardking90:

    Cat and Kittens

    Photograph by Orphan Cam/Shutterstock

    (via theanimalblog)

  10. theanimalblog:

    Amur Tiger. Photo by incheye1971